The City Beautiful

This sculpture, titled "The City Beautiful" was on display at Typeforce Chicago from Feb 13-26, and it measures 3ft x 6ft. It is comprised of 27,000 .22 caliber bullet casings, and a few hundred .45's.

Additional information for the piece is as follows:

The World’s Columbian Exhibition sparked The City Beautiful movement, and provided Chicago with a number of impressive and grandiose works of architecture, as well as a comprehensive city plan drawn up by David Burnham. The intention of The City Beautiful movement was to ‘promote beauty, and also create moral and civic virtue among urban populations.’ The city of Chicago continues to take pride in the fruits of the movement, but some argue that the efforts prioritized aesthetics over social reform. Taking cues from the City Beautiful movement, my piece is influenced by neoclassicism and seeks to display ornament, grandeur and harmony. However, because modern Chicago’s population experiences significant gun violence caused in part by widening socioeconomic disparity, the piece is constructed out of 27,000 .22 bullet casings.

Process photos by Brent Knepper & gallery photos by Zach Sigelko