Vichcraft specializes in logotype development, then the lettering built for the logo can be built out to include additional collateral to create a full identity system. With a focus on visual storytelling, she strives to craft and perfect charmingly unique brand experiences. 


The studio hosts calligraphy workshops that cover the basics of pointed pen oblique calligraphy. Whether you've picked up a calligraphy pen before, or aren't sure what one looks like, there is a class for you. We learn how to setup your pen, dip ink, create strokes and write letters. 


What began as a small outlet for trying new lettering styles has grown into a multi-category Vichcraft shop of prints, wearables, and home goods. All products are designed by Jenna Blazevich, then what is not handmade in Chicago is manufactured in the U.S. and shipped from the studio.